Providing sustainable solutions for municipal solid waste helps pave the way to zero waste in the Bay Area. As a result, the Altamont Landfill has disposal capacity through 2045.
WM EarthCare is the latest example of a sustainable solution to the management of discarded materials. We are closing the loop on food scraps, yard trimmings and clean wood debris by returning these materials to the community as OMRI-listed compost and mulch. WM EarthCare products are locally sourced and produced from 100% recycled materials.

Keeping the material local also helps to reduce carbon emissions. Through our extensive trucking network, we collect feedstock and distribute finished compost and mulch in round-trip routes to our six Bay Area WM EarthCare Landscape Centers, thereby cutting carbon emissions in half by avoiding one-way hauls. A WM EarthCare Landscape Center is located at the Altamont Landfill

We are continually exploring and implementing new recovery and diversion programs to reduce waste in the landfill and generate new uses for discarded materials. Among the many programs at the landfill are:

  • Concrete grinding for roadbeds
  • Tire shredding for rubber reuse
  • Yard waste diversion for composting
  • Construction and demolition; wood for mulch and bio-fuel

We expect to announce additional materials recovery services during 2011.

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Did You Know?

Food waste and yard trimmings diverted from the Altamont Landfill returns as WM EarthCare OMRI-listed compost.